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Here I have made a small painting, based on a photo of Sandy.

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July 2012 - found a nice photo on facebook of a tri-coloured cavalier, so I painted a picture.
But I do not know who's dog I have painted, as I forgot to write down the name of the owner
and dog? - If you know who the owner of a photo that looks like this painting is? - youre
welcome to sned me an email, or message on facebook.
12/02-2012 - Fredericia show. Ricksbury Royal Harmony (sandy) was showed in open class
Judge: Joakim Ohlsson/ Sweeden. 75 cavaliers/ 33 bitches
11 bitches in open class.
Sandy got exellent with CK, won open class
placed as no. 3 out of 33 tæver and got her 3' certifikat
becomming DANISH CHAMPION that day !!

Her daughter "Gran Royal Belong to Daddy" (daisy) got exellent with CK
and became no. 2 in open class.
D. 06/11-2011    - Herning show in DK. 
Ricksbury Royal Harmony (sandy) was showed in open class
under judge: Bente Bjerkaas /Norge
30 bitches in all and in open class 9 bitches.
Sandy gotexcellent with Ck,and won open class
was placed no. 4 out of all bitches
ABD got her 2'  CC. !! .

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Or have a look on the next dog show in Denmark, where the selection is allways bigger then
what you see on the website. You can find med by the ringside with the Cavaliers.

D28/08-2011    -Silkeborg show in DK. - Ricksbury Royal Harmony (sandy)
was showed in open class under judge: Eeva Reesko /Finland
28 bitches in all and in open calss 8 bitches.
Sandy got CK, and won open calss
was placed no. 2 out of all bitches
AND she got her first CC. !! .

Have started to design a new webpage for
hopefully it will be published within the new year.
(the old page is still to be seen at the above mentioned adress)
Vildbjerg in DK  -  judge Sean Martin / Irland
Gran Royal's Some Like It Hot
puppy class bitches
Års v./judge Helle Dan Pålsson- Danmark
Gran Royal's Some Like It Hot (Chilli) &
Gran Royal's Belongs To Daddy (Daisy) - owned by Kennel Happy Cavalier
puppy class for bitches
Chilli:  very promising, 3' vinner in the class
Daisy: Very promising, 1' vinner in the calss and best puppy! In breed

Showed in Vadum -Judge: Freddie Klindrup
Finally the two babys got their debú - in rain and strong wind...

Gran Royal's Some Like It Hot Best Baby, in breed
Gran Royal's Girls Best Friend best male baby in breed

I have designed a new webpage to Kennel Thyholm.
You can see it here:
Traveled to Swweden in the end of November 2009 and mated our UK import bitch: Ricksbury
Royal Harmony, with Sweedish Champion Hackensack Midsummer Theme.

5 good looking blenheim puppies was born 27/01- 2010. 3 males and 2 bitches.
We have kept one bitch, all other puppies were sold. You can read more about the puppies on
the puppiepage.
19/09 - 2009
Judge was Arne Foss, Norway
Ricksbury Royal Harmony got Exellent and became 2' vinner of open class bitches

Judge, Arne Foss:
" Very pleasant in general, excellent gender characterized, excellent proportions, expressive
face, nice ears, well shaped scull, good neck, appropriate legs, typical paws, good top line,
moves well. A bitch that I like very much, a shame she is not in top condition coat, nice
temperament, well showed, a very pleasant model. "

16/08 - 2009
dogshow in DK - Hillerød
Ricksbury Royal Harmony got excellent and became 1' vinner of open class bitches