Honey became club master of beginners inn agility the first year.
The first dog show we participated in was the Cavalier festival in Christiansfeld, DK summer 2002.

We were so pleased with Honey, that we had to have one more cavalier, so we got a blenheim male, by the name Morberg's Heiko he was born 29/09-2002.
(In the summer 2009 sadly we had to say goodbye to Heiko due to a discus prolaps in the neck.)

We went to shows and got so hooked on this lovely breed Cavalier king charles spaniel, that we decided to start breeding.
Since we wanted everything to be just right, we applied for a kennel affix and on the 17 June 2003 we were approved with the kennel affix "Gran Royal's".

Since then Winnie has taken the "breeder-course" in the dansih kennel club in feb. 2008. 

In the fall we expanded with yet another blenheim bitch - this time from the kennel affix  Ricksbury, in the northern England.

Her name is Ricksbury Royal Harmony, but we call her Sandy. She was born the 30/09-2006.
She does well in the shows. She is in the top 10 of the best blenheim bitches in Denmark.
Besides doing well in the shows we hope that in time she will provide with some new blood to the breed here in Denmark.

We have had 5 litters of puppies in all so far. We try to breed healthy, well bouild cavaliers with a typical temperament. We want to maintain the good standard of our breed that breeders before us have worked hard to reac. It is very importent to us to socialise our puppies well, so that they are ready to meet the world when the new family gets them. 

Because we are limited by the house we live in (110 m2) we will never have more then 4 adult dogs here. Right now we only have 2 bitches, but we hope to keep a bitch from our own breeding in near future.

Dog breeding to us - is a very very expencive hobby, but we love this breed  so much.

If we had the space and the money - we would proberbly live somewere outside the city in a big house, together with a large numbers of cavalier's.
We are a couple fra StÝvring in Northern Judland in Denmark. Well Lloyd is original from London in England.

The house we live in has a garden on 800 m2, so there is enough room for a couple of dogs to have fun.

We are members of the Danish Kennel Club, The Danish Cavalier Club and the Cavalier Club in England.

We got our first cavalier in April 2002; her name is Longbody's Unique (Honey).
We took her to puppietraining in the summer 2002, and cuntinued with abidience, agility and showtraning.
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